Trupanion Work

The Trupanion Breeder Support Program: Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show ad

Challenge: Convincing dog (and cat!) breeders – notoriously precise when it comes to caring for the bloodlines they steward – that they should recommend insurance to their buyers.

Aflac Pet Insurance, powered by Trupanion

Challenge: announcing a new group benefits offering to C-level and HR decision-makers who may know the importance of health insurance, but aren’t necessarily as in-the-know when it comes to applying that concept to pets.

Trupanion Careers Page redesign

Challenge: More than just a coat of new paint, the people ops team wanted a site that spoke not only to pet lovers, but motivated, tech-minded folks looking to make a serious impact in the world.


Seattle Tourism


I co-wrote and edited the script for this video, shot for Specific Northwest.

AJ Jacobs Interview

I interviewed New York Times Bestselling Author AJ Jacobs about his book, Drop Dead Healthy. We conducted a worry exchange and became fast friends, the kind that don’t have to call each other every day or ever again but still are definitely friends.

Full Interview Here

Winter Provisions: KidFoot #23

I wrote the script for this adorable puppet show performed by Matthew and Ariela at Woot. KidFoot ran on Kids.Woot, which focused entirely on toys, clothing, and items kids and parents would appreciate.

In the Break Room: Episode 7

I wrote the script for this video podcast highlighting the, uh, unique culture at Amazon.

In the Break Room: Episode 15

Another video podcast I wrote, lamenting the fact that no one knows how great I am.

Woot Innovations: Knife Sharpener

I wrote a fun sketch to highlight the benefits of a knife sharpener sold on Our very indulgent product rep was nice enough to play along.

Never Dress Your Dog in Clothes

I dressed like a dog and rapped about silly clothes on animals. Not all heroes wear capes.

Happy Snacking

I “starred” in this series of videos designed to help you find the perfect snack.

Portable Nacho Delivery System: A Million-Dollar Idea!

I wrote the script for this incredibly genius idea.

Vitamouts: A Million-Dollar Idea!

Turns out vitamins kill you. Who knew?

Bed-Twetter: A Million-Dollar Idea!

Scotch Tape — Ben the Over-Literal Dermestid Beetle Weighs In

I wrote this piece of pedantry about Scotch Tape. Recorded and performed by Matthew.

The Great Cube War

I wrote the script for this Ken Burns-style spoof about cubical warfare, performed by the Woot staff.

The Gig Life

“The Gig Life” was a concept I developed for Wave to hype their symmetrical gigabit internet speed offered through Wave G – the “cool” brand.

The idea was that gigabit internet was so fast, so cool, so life-altering that it would permeate your very existence. You’d start viewing the world differently, and seeing the Wave G logo everywhere.

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Even Here

“Even Here” was a campaign I developed with our internal team of designers to highlight the “local, friendly, West Coast” vibe of Wave Broadband and to build awareness–especially in our rural markets–that you didn’t need to live in a major metropolitan area to access cutting edge data services.

Images were selected to highlight local landmarks and visually striking areas within our service range. Ads were

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Direct Mail

At Wave I was the driving force for campaign creative, often developing a concept, working with a team of Graphic Designers to solidify it visually, and drafting the copy and messaging to carry forward across all advertising, including Direct Mail aimed at both B2B and B2C audiences:


Mailer 1-2Mailer 1Postcard 1Postcard 2Postcard 2-1Postcard 4POstcard 3Postcard 5Postcard 5-1

Sillier Stuff

See that @WootLive tweet on the homepage of Twitter? That’s me! I’ve made the front page of Twitter twice.

Top of Twitter

Here’s an example of the email blasts I would write for Amazon/

GoldBox Email.png

Amazon Acquisition Letter

I wrote this letter from the CEO with the help of the other Woot writers to announce our acquisition by Amazon.

Crapster Letter

Another “letter from the CEO” with big plans for the company.