Hi there. I’m a “seasoned” copywriter (i.e. experienced, minimally jaded) with a breadth of work spanning B2C, B2B, and all manner of stuff that doesn’t involve silly acronyms.

I’m best when I’m working with a marketing team to develop and present a brand voice that speaks to your customers (preferably something honest and funny but I can do serious too).

I work by a crazy formula wherein I trust the audience’s intelligence and try not to pander with marketing buzzwords and fluff. Flowery prose is great. I love grand, sweeping stanzas in my literature. But if you’re selling me something, you’d better not waste my time.

The Gig Life

“The Gig Life” was a concept I developed for Wave Broadband to hype their symmetrical gigabit internet speed offered through Wave G – the “cool” brand.

The idea was that gigabit internet was so fast, so cool, so life-altering that it would permeate your very existence. You’d start viewing the world differently, and seeing the Wave G logo everywhere.

Even Here

“Even Here” was a campaign I developed with our internal team of designers to highlight the “local, friendly, West Coast” vibe of Wave Broadband and to build awareness–especially in our rural markets–that you didn’t need to live in a major metropolitan area to access cutting edge data services.

Business prospects and customers appreciated “big time” services like colocation and enterprise-level pipelines were available throughout our service area, while residential customers were wowed by the promise of Gig Speed.

Images were selected to highlight local landmarks and visually striking areas within our service range.

Direct Mail

At Wave I was the driving force for campaign creative, often developing a concept, working with a team of Graphic Designers to solidify it visually, and drafting the copy and messaging to carry forward across all advertising, including Direct Mail aimed at both B2B and B2C audiences:

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